Why did you choose to study ECON at UZH?
I was interested in questions about the environment and economics even in high school. The ECON study met my expectations in this regard. Prof. Bruno Frey dealt with it early in the 70s and 80s. It was also exciting to see that my interest in new departments that I hadn't even had on the radar was awakened. This applies, for example, to "finance / capital market theory".

What is your best memory of your time as an ECON UZH student?
The time of the assistant at the institute for empirical economic research. And the licentiate, of course!

What was your professional path from graduating from the ECON Department to your current position?
As an economist, the path to the private sector is not that easy. Since I completed my dissertation on the euro in 1992, I was able to start trading forex at what was then Volksbank. From there it went through the economic research at CS to the position of chief strategist of the Vontobel Group and from there to the current position as executive board member of the private bank Bellerive AG.

Which skills, which you have learned during your time at the ECON Department, have brought you the most professional progress and how do you use your studies today?
Thinking in scenarios and alternatives, using your own and third-party resources efficiently. The know-how from the area of "Finance / Capital Market Theory".

What would you have wished for when you were a student at the department that did not exist back then
A little more practical application: at that time the course was already very academic. It is a tightrope walk between basic academic research and empirical / practical application, but a little more “business orientation”, especially in the tutorials, would have been good.

What are your future plans?
Supporting young academics in starting their careers.

Thomas Steinemann, PhD in Economics, 1992
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