This declaration of the provisions for data protection informs you about which data ECON Alumni UZH collects from visitors and users of the ECON Alumni UZH homepage and further processes in accordance with the valid provisions applicable for data protection. Moreover, it informs you which measures have been taken to guarantee the security of your data.

1. Definition of data protection

Data protection serves the protection of personal rights. It requires data processors to act in accordance with the legal provisions and provides the affected persons legally enforceable rights with respect to the processing of their personal data. Our data protection code of practice is in accordance with Article 13 of the Swiss constitution and the national legislation on data protection (DSG, VDSG) as well as with the relevant legislation of the canton of Zurich (IDG ZH, IDV ZH). Personal data is defined as all information referring to a specific or a determinable person. This includes, among others, information such as name, address, telephone number, email, or IP address.

2. Data collection, processing, and storage

The webpage of ECON Alumni UZH collects an assortment of general data and information any time a person or an automatic system opens the internet page. This general data and information is stored on servers of our German hosting provider. The following items can be collected: (1) the IP address of the computer in use, (2) the page or address (URL) from which the webpage was entered, (3) the description of the web browser type of the operating system in use, (4) the path and name of the webpage requested, (5) the date and time of the access to the internet page, (6) the internet service provider, and (7) other similar data and information that serves as hazard control in case of attacks on our information technology systems.
ECON Alumni UZH does not identify the persons involved when using this general data and information. The processing of this data has the following purposes:
- Guarantee of the network infrastructure and the technical administration
- Optimization of the usage of certain web services
- Identification and pursuit of illegal attempts to gain access
ECON Alumni UZH thus evaluates this data and information statistically and furthermore with the objective of increasing data protection and data security, in order to ultimately guarantee an optimal level of protection for the data concerning persons that we process. The data on the server logfiles is stored separately from any personal data a person provides to us.

3. Agreement to further usage of data

The usage of certain services on the ECON Alumni UZH webpage (for example, registration as a member, activation of a user profile, sign up for events, registration to the mentoring program) might require enhanced collection, processing, and long-term storage of data. To the extent that this is necessary for the completion of the tasks listed in the statues of the ECON Alumni UZH association, or for administrative purposes, ECON Alumni UZH process the following personal data of its members: identity data (e.g. name, address, date of birth, photos, etc.), contact data (e.g. email address, telephone number, etc.), data about higher education at the UZH (e.g. course of studies, year of graduation, etc.), and payment data (e.g. credit card number, bank coordinates, membership fees, etc.). With the entry and submission of this data, you agree to its processing

If you decide to make use of the cost-free membership in the association OEC Alumni, you will be asked to accept the separate data protection declaration of the OEC Alumni association before you can complete registration.

We process personal data only for as long as this is necessary for the task(s) at hand, e.g. for example the duration of membership. Users can delete their user profiles at any time and thus cancel any membership associated with it if necessary. Users can either delete their data immediately or allow it to remain for the remaining time in their membership and then delete the data immediately at the endof membership. ECON Alumni UZH can continue to use some data for accounting and/or legal reasons. The system will delete all other data at the latest within four weeks, both in real usage and in the data security system.

4. Forwarding of personal data

If paying ECON Alumni UZH members register with the umbrella organization UZH Alumni in order to attain access to their services, identity and contact data as well as data on the course of studies will be forwarded to the UZH. You can get details about the objective and scope of data collection and about the further data sharing and usage by the umbrella organization UZH Alumni from the data protection guidelines of the umbrella organization UZH Alumni.

Furthermore, ECON Alumni UZH provides personal data about persons who according to their registration are also registered members of OEC ALUMNI UZH.

Furthermore, ECON Alumni UZH provides personal data about persons who according to their registration are also registered members of OEC ALUMNI UZH.
ECON Alumni UZH offers it members the opportunity for online membership lists. These membership lists inform the other members – depending on the settings in the personal user profile – of the individual members’ contact and education data. Access to the online membership list is limited to ECON Alumni UZH members. Association members may neither transfer another member’s personal data without his/her permission to third parties nor use it in any way that is not necessary for fulfilling the statutory objectives of the ECON Alumni UZH association.

Moreover, personal data of association members may neither be sold nor transferred to third parties without their permission.

5. Tracking-of settings

Page access and the elements clicked on a page are protocoled and analyzed in order to better adjust the content structure and the navigation mechanisms to the users’ needs. The software Matomo is used for this purpose. Matomo uses so-called “cookies” for this purpose (see point six below about the usage and disablement of these cookies). The user information including their shortened IP addresses gleaned through the cookies are not transferred to third parties, but stored on the servers of our German hosting provider in order to evaluate usage and to optimize the webpage. The IP addresses are anonymized immediately in this process. It is thus neither possible to reconstruct the evaluation results of a certain IP address nor to conduct a behavioral study connected to a person. Any recorded data is deleted after six months.

6. Cookies

We use “cookies” and similar techniques on our webpage, which allow us to identify your browser or your device in order to enable an optimal use of the webpage. A cookie is a small data amount that is sent to your computer or that your web browser stores automatically on your computer or mobile device if you visit our webpage. If you revisit the webpage, we can thus recognize you again, even if we do not know who you are. In addition to cookies that are only used during your visit and that are deleted after you leave (“session cookies”), cookies that store your user settings and other information can be stored over a period of time (e.g. two years) may also be used (“permanent cookies”). The user of an internet page that uses cookies must not reenter his/her access data at the time of every visit, as the cookie on the internet page and that on the user’s computer system assumes this task.

You can set your browser in a way that it declines all cookies, only stores them for the duration of your visit, or otherwise deletes them early. Furthermore, cookies that have already been set up can be deleted using the browser or other software programs. If you decline, block, or deactivate cookies, it is possible that some parts of the webpage will no longer function, or only function in a limited manner.

7. Links to webpages of other providers

This data protection declaration only applies to the ECON Alumni UZH webpage. If we provide links for access to content from other providers, we ask that you examine their data protection declarations. The ECON Alumni UZH association is neither responsible for the content nor the data protection code of practice of these other providers. In particular, ECON Alumni UZH cannot guarantee that the content of these pages is free of malware.

8. Inclusion of social media and other services

We are present on social media platforms, in order to be able to communicate with interested persons and to inform them about our services. The same general terms and conditions (AGB), data protection declarations, and other provisions of the carriers apply in these cases.

No additional programs in the form of “social media plug-ins” are used on the ECON Alumni UZH webpage; no IP addresses are transferred directly to the operators of social networks. The visiual control elements on the graphic user interfaces (so-called “buttons”) are only links to the corresponding providers of social networks.

So-called “share buttons”, i.e. buttons for sharing contents over the social networks Facebook and Linkedin, are used on the ECON Alumni UZH webpage for events. By clicking these buttons, you inform your friends on the corresponding social network that you like the event, and the corresponding link will be added t your profile or to that of a friend. As long as you do not click the button, statistical data (IP address, browser, operating system, visited pages) will not be collected. The service in question can collect this data only after you click the button and if you are logged in there. By using the “share button”, you agree to the terms of use and the data protection declaration of Facebook or Linked in and thus also with the transfer of your information to facebook or Linkedin.

The map service of Google maps is used for the map service on this webpage. If you use this service, you agree to the terms of use of Google and Google maps as well as to Google’s data protection statement and thus also to the transfer of data to Google.

The online payment service Stripe is used to register payments. With the use of this service, you agree to the terms of service of Stripe and its data protection statement and thus to the transfer of data to Stripe.

Please take note that a different data protection code of practice from that of ECON Alumni UZH applies for the services described above. Details about the objectives and scope of data collection and further processing and usage of the data by the services mentioned above as well as any rights and possibilities to adjust settings in order to protect the users’ privacy are described in the services’ data protection declarations.

9. Security

The ECON Alumni UZH association implements technical and organizational security measures to ensure that any data collected and processed on its webpage remain confidential and protected against random or illegal access, mutations, or publication, and are also protected against loss or destruction. Access to the data is entirely based on necessity (“need to know”) and only granted to those persons who need access to personal data based on their function and duties.

The measures we take depend on the type of information, the type and objective of the usage, and the technical services available at the time. We use SSL encryption in otder to protect your data in case of transfer.

10. Validity

The ECON Alumni UZH association reserves the right to amend this data protection guideline at any time with effect at a time in the future to the extent that this amendment is necessary due to duties of the association, administrative tasks, or due to the implementation of new technologies or changes in the legal provisions.

11. Right to information

Everyone has the right within the framework of legal provisions to receive information about any data the ECON Alumni UZH association has stored about him/her. This includes in particular information about the data source; the reason and legal basis for the processing; the categories of the processed personal data; the persons or groups involved in the collection; and the data recipient. Morover, everyone has the right to demand correction, deletion, or blockage of his/her personal data.

If you want information about your data stored and its processing or the correction, deletion, or blockage of this data, or if you have more questions about its use, please send us a message:

Schönberggasse 1
8001 Zürich