Welcome to ECON Alumni UZH – The Network for Economists

ECON Alumni UZH was founded with the aim to create an international network for a committed and passionate community that supports each other and the Department of Economics at the University of Zurich.

The Department of Economics at the University of Zurich has undergone an enormous change over the past ten years, developing into a leading research department, consistently ranked among the top five European economics departments. ECON Alumni UZH offers the department's alumni the opportunity to benefit from the special position of their alma mater during and after their studies.

Our alumni get to be part of an inspiring community, being closer to the vibrant research community at the Department of Economics. Further, they can expect events of all kinds. ECON Alumni UZH organizes events on various topics from areas such as economics, politics, or culture and offers its members a platform for a regular exchange of viewpoints. Moreover, the association offers its alumni diverse career services.

And those who would like to support their alma mater get the opportunity for giving back.

Membership for Alumni is CHF 80.- p.a., Student membership is for free.